Quiz: am I dating a narcissist?
Dating a narcissist can by emotionally and psychologically damaging. Even though only a health professional can diagnose this personality disorder, there are a plenty of red flags to look out for. Take this quiz to find out if you might be dating a narcissist
Complete the quiz to find out if your boyfriend might be a narcissist.
How did they act when you first started dating?
What are you both likely to chat about over dinner?
With 1 being “not very” and 10 being “extremely,” how reliable are they?
You forget to reply to their text for a couple of hours. How do they respond?
They ask you for a favor that you aren’t super comfortable with. How do they respond when you refuse?
You’re at a nice restaurant and getting ready to order. How do they treat the wait staff?
How do they speak about the people around them?
How many friends do they have?
Describe your partner in two words.
You just had a rough day. How do they respond?
Someone forgot to take the trash out. What’s their response?
Are they committed to your relationship?
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